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Unblocking Skype in Belize!

Welcome, this web page has two main purposes. It provides a solution for bypassing Belize Telecom (BTL) and as a result unblocking skype & VoIP SIP Softphones! It also acts as a page on which you can place an order should our main site (Check Main Site Skype Belize) be inaccessible for any reason. Our main site is blocked in some countries.

The fee we charge for the service is for unblocking skype and other VoIP programs. It is not for the calls you make using the Skype or another voip application. Think of it this way, using our service to bypass Belize Telecom, you will be able to use voip just as you would if you were outside Belize with no BTL internet restrictions! Ready to save $$$?

To place an order, (if main site is not accessible) use the links above and await our welcome email

The service will work in other countries too. For example in UAE in cities such as Dubai and abu dhabi, Oman, South Korea,Tunisia, Ethiopia etc! It will also allow you to access blocked sites in any country that censors the internet hence restoring internet freedom.

Consider buying before traveling, since this website might not be accessible from your new location! You can order from any location and use it on any of your computers. If you wish to pay with paypal you can do that too


Belize Telecommunications Limited, BTL. They Block Skype & other VoIP Applications!

Okay, so you are already in Belize working or on holiday or maybe even retired. You decide that you no longer want to spend a lot on long distance calls to the USA, Canada, Mexico or any other country in which you have family, relatives or business relations but when you download and try to use the voip application of your choice, it does not work!

Why is voip blocked by the Belize Telecom BTL ISP? Well, it is no surprise that in the world we live in, everyone is trying to maximise revenue. In the case of BTL, it is easy to assume that they do so by FORCING you to use their calling plans and rates.

They may very well have a specail long distance plan with special rates but can they beat those that are offered by all online VOIP providers?

Let us consider the Skype Application for a minute as it is the most popular in use online. It allows you to place longdistance calls at a fraction of the cost that BTL would charge you via the skypeout service. If you use Skype out, to place a call from your computer to a phone in the USA, Canada, & most european countries it will cost you under 2 US Cents per minute and the sound quality is crystal clear too.

You can also use a voip SIP softphone but would need a different solution than the one for SKYPE, we can help you unblock skype and SIP based voip applications but we can NOT help you with vonage devices.

Many people don't use voip application as they have not fully understood the savings. Others, do not know they even exist and if they do, they assume the sound quality is bad.

You can take out a sheet of paper and keep track of how many minutes you spend on international calls and add up the amount. You will discover that you can be talking much longer to loved ones and spend less! AMAZING!

There are other countries that block skype, such as Oman, & united Arab Emirates (dubai, abu dhabi). Our service will work in those countries too.

How do i unblock skype in Belize? You would need a MAC or a Windows computer and server connection details that you would buy from us. Once you receive our email with the details and instructions you can then set up a VPN account on your computer that would allow you to bypass BTL ISP, unblock Skype and use it! You would also be able to unlock blocked webistes

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Order our services today! Once you get your account details and login you will be so happy you will literally be telling all your friends about our service for unblocking skype in Belize!

No Set up Fees - No Hidden fees - You can cancel at Anytime - Service is GUARANTEED to work with full refund if it fails to unblock voip. ISP Does NOT know what you are doing!

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